A recent decision from the Nassau County Supreme Court, Healy v. Town of Hempstead Board of Appeals, overturned a municipal determination that granted special zoning exceptions and variances to a Greek Orthodox Church located in Merrick, New York. The church wanted to construct a two-story cultural center and related parking next to the church.

Oklahoma-City-Vacant-House-BuyerThe Towns of Babylon and Hempstead have recently enacted legislation designed to combat the blight associated with “zombie” homes and other vacant and abandoned properties. Both laws create a registry and require the payment of fees to offset the costs associated with monitoring and inspecting properties that are required to register.

Town of Babylon


In a recent decision, Sunrise Check Cashing and Payroll Services, Inc. v. Town of Hempstead, 91 A.D.3d 126, 933 N.Y.S.2d 388 (2d Dept. 2011), the Appellate Division, Second Department, invalidated Section 302(K) of the Town of Hempstead Building Zone Ordinance (“BZO”) based on the doctrine of conflict preemption.

Section 302(K) of the BZO was

There is a movement afoot among Long Island municipalities to regulate or, in some cases, ban the planting, growing or cultivation of bamboo within their communities.  To some, bamboo is an exotic evergreen plant that creates an attractive and effective privacy screen.  To others, however, it is an aggressive, invasive plant that causes ecological harm