The New York Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (“CLCPA”) established ambitious targets to transform New York’s energy generation and efficiency. The CLCPA was signed into law in 2019 with goals to achieve 100% zero-emission electric generation by 2040 and greenhouse gas emission reduction to 85% below 1990 levels by 2050, among others.  The clean energy investments contemplated by the CLCPA include $35 billion in large-scale renewable and transmission projects, $6.8 billion to reduce building emissions, $1.8 billion for solar and more than $1 billion for clean transportation initiatives. Continue Reading Green for Green: New York’s Climate Justice Working Group Identifies Qualified Disadvantaged Communities for Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Investments

In August 2011, New York enacted the Power Act of 2011, aimed at encouraging investment in electric generating facilities and creating green jobs. The Act re-established Article 10 of the Public Service Law, relating to the siting process for approving major power plants.  This latest version of Article 10 requires the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (“NYSDEC”) to
Continue Reading Environmental Justice Regulations Proposed For New York State